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Tom Clancy”s The Division


Tom Clancy”s The Division, the third-person shooter game of Ubisoft, double bonus weekend is already opened. The agents can get double the bonus of proficient in the actual combat storage box.

In addition to that, the game also opened a free trial, players who haven't bought the game can play for 6 hours. Players can work with others, and also can save New York City in a devastating epidemic separately.

The game is about an oversize biological plague in the United States, infrastructure paralysis, medical treatment, logistics, energy and other functional department are completely disorganized, the whole country was in a state of crisis.

At the moment, Tom Clancy’s The Division plan, an group that is made up of tactical agents were awakened. These agents were hiding in the crowd as ordinary people. They were specially trained, can do independent action to maintain minimum social functioning in an emergency. When all that you know destroyed, it’s the time for them to act.

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