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Single-player Challenge Mode of Friday the 13th - BCDKEY.com


Friday the 13th: The Game, a multiplayer online horror game which are made by Gun Media company. The game is adapted from the horror film series of the same name, players will play the classic screen killer Jason Voorhees and seven survivors to start a cat-and-mouse game.

Early in the game of the development, the developers  promised to add a stand-alone mode to the game. Recently, the game officials display the “Single-player Challenge Mode” which will be added into the game in a demo of video.

Video shows, in this mode, players will play Jason Voorhees, just like the movie, kill the people who through the territory. Players can hear Jason's mother's guidance, and the NPC in the game are still talking and laughing at the beginning, but immediately blue fit after Jason appeared. This has led many movie fans to shout in the video comments section.

Video developers say the model is still in development and will soon be added to the game free of charge. If you a fan of Friday the 13th, you can look forward to it. You also can purchase Friday the 13th: The Game Steam CD Key Global at BCDKEY.com.