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INSIDE Steam CD Key Global


Inside is 2D adventure puzzle game, there are only direction keys, jump keys, and crawl keys.The action of the character and the switch of the checkpoint scene are very smooth, you can find fun from controlling the boy.

The puzzle of this game exists in the use of the puzzle for the scene. The players need to observe the environment and learn to use the clues in the scene to try and sacrifice a few times to pass the checkpoint. And anyone can pass it once know how to use it. The difficulty of solving puzzles is just that you don't need to rack your brain and don't need to be highly manipulable, it avoids the player's frustration with the checkpoint.

Compared to limbo,the color of Inside is no longer black and white, the addition of light shadow and the rich of color, make the picture more pleasing, at the same time, it also makes the environment and the scene more infectious and more immersive. However, the overall depression and sullen feeling of the game have not changed.

It must be said that inside is essentially without BGM, all of its background sounds are simple to match the characters and the sounds of the scene. Although it is simple background sounds, but they are not bad at rendering scenes and characters, even more can highlight the depressive atmosphere of the game.

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