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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT


The development team of Final Fantasy XV has been busy, and the game finally went public last year after a long period of development.

Meanwhile,Square-Enix’s game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT released the latest war characters, fighting video from Noctis, the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV.

In the video you can see that Nocitis will use a variety of moves that appeared in Final Fantasy XV, and also appeared "Phantom Sword" in the second half of the video,  but do not know whether the technology can be available or need to meet  a certain condition.

The NT in the title of the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is New Tale,New Trial,New Tournament.

This is host version of arcade game Dissidia Final Fantasy.The game will include more than 20 characters in the Final Fantasy series, the  PS4 version will include the arcade version of 3v3 mode, and there will be a lot of the plot elements to tell the stories that not appeared in the arcade version. The game will be released on January 11, 2018.