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ARK: Survival Evolved EARLY ACCESS has been released


Awakening alone in an empty coast, finds yourself  in a mysterious island” ARK” with fulling of dinosaurs. There is nothing in your body, suffer cold and hunger, you must learn to hunting, access to resources, making items, planting crops, the development of science and technology, build shelter, so that you can survive in this world.At the same time, you can use techniques to kill or tame, multiply, and ride the wild animals that live on this island.You can also build tribes with your friends, survive as much as you can.

The game provides more than 50 different categories of primitive creatures to be tamed. The first thing that players need to do is stuning dinosaur to weaken and tame them, then take care of them until they recover.Once it is tamed, it will become your most loyal partner. If you can give them orders, and they will respond differently depending on the way you tame them.You can ride a winged dragon over a snowy mountain, lead a raptor pack through a dangerous jungle, or ride a tyrannosaurus rex to hunt down an enemy, experience the dynamic ecosystem.

Don’t forget the food and water are essential ingredients for survival.There are many different kinds of food in the game, and different foods have different nutritional value (even human flesh!).All action will consume food and water, and long-distance travel will continue to consume these items.The weight of the item will affect your speed of action, day and night, and weather conditions will also affect your environment, making you more hungry and thirsty.You need to make clothes, build shelters and use fire to fight against the harsh and changeable conditions of the local environment and protect yourself.

You can choose single player game or multiplayer games.Be careful, you might meet all kinds of traps in multiplayer games, don't trust others easily,otherwise, you will die miserably.

Of course, surviving on your own is not easy, and it isn't safe, either. Team up with other players to form tribes. Tribes can share a base and tamed animals, support other members with their crafting goals, or even protect each other’s avatars, when the players log out of the game. 

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